Accessing Pervasive.SQL With Perl

Page Last Modified: 6/11/15

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ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)

On Windows, an alternative database technology is Microsoft's ADO, which allows you to access relational or non-relational datasources via an OLEDB provider (such as the one supplied with Pervasive.SQL/Actian PSQL) while providing a consistent API that can be database-neutral.

Unfortunately I cannot currently get the Pervasive.SQL OLEDB provider working via Perl +ADO using DBI + DBD::ADO.

As a fallback, if you do not explicitly specify the provider but specify a DSN, ADO uses its internal ODBC bridge and I have got that working:

  1. Fetch example using DBI::ADO + ODBC.

There appears to be no advantage to using this rather than accessing the ODBC driver directly using DBI + DBD::ODBC.



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