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Database Table Linking - By Module



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Customer Returns

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Customer Database

Product & Part Data

Laminate Materials

Route & Cost Engineering

This is the planned list of modules that will have their table linking information made available for viewing. Please note that the linking information here does not cover all of the possible combinations of links between the tables, just the most commonly used in reports and within Omega.

For example, in the customer returns module the table shows a link from the customer returns module to the despatch item as a report summarising the returns might be set up to use. However within Omega, when a customer return is created the key information is copied from the despatch item to the customer return, i.e. the other way around. A switch in linking direction could mean a switch from one-to-one to one-to-many, or the reverse.

Only a handful of maintenance modules are to be tackled to begin with (see bottom of list).

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