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Database Table Linking

Creating reports or SQL queries relies on knowing how the tables in Omega are linked. There are over 250 tables in the Omega database and therefore it is not possible to create a single chart showing all of the links. Instead this section will contain parts of the overall table-linking plan, broken down into sections, starting with the most requested and important sections. If there are other sections/tables that you would like to see described here in terms of the linking please let me know.

View by module.
View by 'workflow' chart.

To view a list of tables in Omega that are available for querying via reports, clck:

To check what the recommended linking between two tables is, click . This tool is still under development.

Note that all of the charts, tables and linking suggestions are based on the Omega 2.5.11 update from late 2011. Other versions of the database will probably be different to some degree in terms of the tables available, and the fields/indexes in the tables.

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