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Document describing issues with running Omega under the latest version of Windows XP (service pack 2) and possible workarounds. The issues discovered during testing were minor ones involving the front-end user interface and have been present since XP first came out.

Omega Compatibility XPSP2.pdf

Part specification minimum requirements (which fields need to be filled in if the part specification type is in use).

Instructions released with Omega update that contained engineering change notes.

Table showing toolbar buttons in Omega v2.0+ and their eqivalent keyboard shortcuts.

PDF file listing the main enhancements in the v2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.3.5 releases. It also lists the changes that were coming in v2.4 (a supported contract release).

Omega Enhancements Summary

Description of changes to foreign currency handling introduced since v2.0 of Omega for Windows.

Currency Handling

Description of sales order transaction log mechanism introduced in Omega for Windows v2.2.

Table of changes in the keyboard shortcuts between Omega for DOS (v1.15 and lower) and the Windows port (v2.0+).

Table of customer returns actions available in the customer returns review module for Omega v2.2 and later, and their effect on the database.

List of Crystal Report/ODBC column name changes in route operation and operation maintenance tables brought about by v2.2 update.

Operation Column Changes.pdf

Instructions on how to remove GRNs added in error to the Omega database - this must currently be done manually outside of Omega by an administrator following the procedure in this document. It cannot currently be done using the purchase order/GRN modules.

Deletion GRNs.pdf

Knowledge database user guide - this is a scanned version of the original manual and is therefore a little out-of-date. In particular:

- the event and trace chapters are missing;
- operators beyond that in the initial release (+,-,/,*) are missing;
- some of the later data types are not covered;
- access to attribute rules has moved in later version of Omega to a separate field and is not accessed via the attribute "Name" field;
- the screenshots are all from the DOS-version but are still mostly correct.

During the scanning of this low-resolution version many of the pages were very tight to the right hand page edge and there may be printing issues as a result.I have a better version of the document available for those who cannot use the low-res version - it is however over 90MB in size and, time permitting, I will try to shrink this in the future. In the meantime I am quite happy to email or burn onto CD the existing large version.

KDB User Guide.pdf

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