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Omega Attributes Library & Rules Engine - Q&A

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What record types can be used in rules engine attributes?
See this page for details.
What Omega modules/applications allow save event testing?
For save events to be triggered the module must present the rules engine with a suitable memory structure. The following modules support this:
Integrated Engineering
Product Engineering
Sales Orders
Works Orders Origination/Release/Completion
Invoices/Credit Notes
Finished Goods Stock
Customer Returns
Having entered or amended a record in an application the F1 function key at the bottom of the screen changes to F1-UPDATE. However, when I press the F1 key to save the record, the "Rules Engine Flow" message appears as normal, no error message appears but the record is not saved and the F1 function key display still reads "update". What is going wrong?
The probable cause is a data validation rule attached to an event in the "Save Event Engine" which is returning an inappropriate value. Check any attribute that has been attached to the save event where the problem is being experienced and ensure that the attribute values are correct.
Any attribute run during a "save" event must return the boolean value "true" if the data is correct and can be saved, and "false" if the record is incorrect and cannot be saved. This can be confusing if you have set up error message windows attached to any rule that "fires" as the fired rule will produce the error window no matter what value the atrribute returns. If the values returned are inappropriate then you may find that pressing the F1 key produces the error message window, but nevertheless the record is saved, or alternatively no message window is produced but the record is not saved.
I have attempted to save a Tool Version record and an "operator instructions - minimum requirements not present" error appears. What can be wrong?
Attributes that control the output of operator instruction names must be set to a Data Value of "string". Unless you have entered the name of an operator instruction in the constant (default) field within the main attribute record window, the "Use Def" (Use Default) field should be "OFF" (not ticked). The system has no ability to "sense" that an operator instruction name has not been entered as it still will see the blank field as a string of text.
To locate this fault you should access each route in the route network window and review those processes where a tick symbol appears in the "Inst" column - space bar on each of these until you are presented with a window that does not contain an operator instruction. The attribute that generates operator instruction names for this process will have the "Use Def" field set to "On" with no constant value attached to it. Simply switch "Use Def" to "Off" for that attribute, refresh the attributes and continue.

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