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How many print servers can be installed per site?
There is no limit on the number of print server machines that can be set up per site.
How many print servers can be installed per PC?
Only one print server can be installed on a PC.
How many devices can each print server handle?
Each server can handle 5 devices. A device can be a printer directly attached to the PC running the print engine component, a shared printer on the network or a virtual printer such as a print driver than exports directly to PDF.
What does error 500/541/545/etc. mean (as shown in the print queue or in a dialog box)?
These are Crystal Reports error codes - please refer to the Crystal documentation or web site for further information.
Does the print server work with Windows Vista or 7?
The print server engine was tested with Windows Vista 32-bit (Business Edition) and it was discovered that networked printers (either connected directly to the network or shared from another computer) were no longer available. This issue occurs in all versions earlier than v2.5, which is a paid upgrade that fixes this and other issues. The print server has not been tested on Windows 7 or 8.x.
What versions of Crystal Reports work with the print server?
The only supported versions of Crystal Reports are 8 and 8.5. The required runtime DLL (CRPE32.DLL) is not longer available in versions 10 and later. Crystal Reports must be installed on the same PC as the print server.

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