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Page Updated: 10-1-15

Pervasive.SQL (Actian P.SQL) Status Code Checker

When the Pervasive.SQL (now called Actian P.SQL) database engine needs to report an issue it returns a non-zero status code to the application (e.g. Omega, WIPC).

For further information on status codes, enter the value below and press the 'Submit' button to get a brief summary and link to the official Pervasive.SQL status code pages:

Status Code:

The status code values and descriptions have been compiled from Pervasive.SQL versions 2000i, 10.3, 11.3 and 12 (which is currently the latest version). I have tried to indicate which codes only apply to earlier versions and are now obsolete, and which codes have been introduced with newer versions.

The link for more information takes you to the latest (12) and previous (11.3 and 10.3) status code pages on Actian's P.SQL database website; therefore status codes that only exist in older versions may not be available.

Since this information has not been reviewed for versions before 2000i, nor versions 8.x and 9.x, status code differences specific to those versions are not covered here. This also means that the exact version when a status code was phased out or introduced might not be correct, e.g. the checker might indicate a code no longer being available in version 10, when in fact it was phased out in version 9.

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