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Page Updated: 14-12-11

Datalink - Known Issues

This page lists known issues in recent versions of the application. Where a support database ID was generated at the time it wil be shown.

  • PCS960 - The application has been reported on a number of occasions for freezing consistently on specific machines, particularly during the "purchase order to Sage" option. On a different machine, or on the same one some time later, the problem does not occur. The only consistent factor during these incidents is that the problem occurs at the same point during the export. The freezing is due to the locking mechanism used by the application. The cause should be another user in Omega locking the same records - once that user exits Omega the datalink application should continue exporting.
  • PCS961 - The utility cannot handle Omega databases with pathnames containing spaces. Pervasive.SQL status 12 errors will occur.
  • Where Opera requires XLS files for import, you have to load the CSV output file from Datalink into an application that can create the correct format (such as Excel).


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