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Page Updated: 16-12-11

Reporting - Known Issues

This page lists known issues in Omega reporting. Where a support database ID was generated at the time it wil be shown.

  • The panel costs table (mt_lm_matpan_table) has an index that can cause problems in Crystal Reports when used to link from manufacturing builds or material/stock references. The index uses the fields material type + material reference + panel width + panel length, but the last two are in descending sort order and we have found that no records are returned. A new index (material type + material reference) has been added in version 2.5.
  • The Qty_Despatched field in the delivery schedule table (so_delsched_table) is described in the DDFs as a 4-byte integer - it is actually a 4-byte unsigned integer. This should not cause an issue with "real world" values.
  • The score specification tables (pp_psscore_table and mt_pp_pdscore_table) currently have the score length described by the Crystal and ODBC DDFs as a long (4 bytes) when it should be a double (8 bytes). The field will therefore not be displayed correctly by reports or query viewers. This issue has been fixed in version 2.5.
  • Index 5 in the works order allocation table (works order number + allocation closed date + sales order number + date required + delivery schedule quantity) is currently specified incorrectly in the Crystal and ODBC DDFs. It is not recommended that you use this report for Crystal selection criteria. ODBC queries that involve filtering, e.g. on works order number, may also fail. This issue has been fixed in version 2.5.


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