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Page Updated: 3-10-16

WIPC - Known Issues

This page lists known issues in recent versions of the application. Where a support database ID was generated at the time it wil be shown.

  • PCS209 - The works order completion date is set once any split batch is completed - there is no simple way of reporting whether a works order is actually complete or whether there are still batches in progress.
  • PCS863 - Sporadic Pervasive.SQL status 60 (reject limit reached) errors can occur in large WIPC databases, particularly on the WIPTRANS.BTR database file.
  • The priority value is not calculated correctly once a process is left incomplete for a very long time (>500 days beyond the plan date).
  • WIPC cannot display more than 200 processes available to a particular operator.
  • Older versions of WIPC/WIPEDIT/WIPTEXT display the current date (usually in the top-right corner) incorrectly for years > 2000; the year is shown as '00'.
  • In WIPEDIT, the F6 examples window shows an F4 route option that does not work.


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