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Omega Attributes & Rules - Available Record Types

a) Data Fields (records loaded/saved from/to file):
Customer Part
Customer Revision
Tool Version
Manufacturing Build
Panel Design
Change Note
All Part Specification Window Types
Works Order
Works Order Allocation
Quoted Price
Tooling Price
Sales Order
Delivery Schedule
Tooling Schedule
Despatch Note
Despatch Item
Invoice Item
Invoice Tooling
Market Database Customer Details (despatch and invoice modules only)
Customer Return
Return Reason
Return Action

b) Memory Pointers (temporary records created by rules engine):
Panel Design
Cost Engineering
Route Network
Route Operation
Bill Of Materials
Sheet Design
Quoted Price (during pricing only)
Market Database Customer Details
Works/purchase order allocation (only while inserting into memory in works/purchase order modules)
Despatch item (only while inserting into memory in despatch module)

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