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Page Updated: 9-6-16

Operating System Support - Windows Vista

This section of the site is concerned with the running of Omega, and its accompanying applications, under Windows Vista and any compatability issues that have been discovered.

Basic Windows Vista testing has been completed and no further work is planned due to the operating system's replacement and the fact that no supported Omega site has committed to a large-scale Vista roll-out. If you have any results from your own testing of Omega with Vista I would be grateful for any information that could be published here so that Omega sites can help each other prepare for the operating system change and any potential issues flagged up as soon as possible.

See this page for a summary on the testing work done with Windows Vista.

See these pages for more details on how well each Omega application works under Windows Vista:

Print server
Omega for DOS
Omegawin (e-quote front-end)
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