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Page Updated: 8-12-11

Operating System Support - WIPC/WIPCMX

Windows Vista

Full-screen DOS applications do not appear to be possible under Vista, which only appears to allow windowed DOS applications. As a result, the long-standing problem of the mouse cursor not being drawn correctly, or being drawn offset from the real mouse, when run in a window prevents the use of the mouse. WIPCMX has no mouse functionality and therefore does not suffer from this issue. The inability to 'zoom' the window to a full-screen mode might also make the application difficult to use on high-resolution screens.

Pervasive no longer supports the DOS TSR requester method of communicating with the server engine from Vista, i.e. loading BREQUEST, BREQNT or BREQTCP before running WIPC. You must install the Windows client and rely on the BtrBox mechanism. Unfortunately in Pervasive.SQL 9.5 this results in a status 20 error due to Vista not allowing one of the files to be run from its default installation directory. To fix this and run WIPC, you must copy the following file:


from \PVSW\BIN to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 on the machine running WIPC.

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