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Page Updated: 14-6-13

Operating System Support - Windows 7

This section of the site is concerned with the running of Omega, and its accompanying applications, under Windows 7 and any compatibility issues that have been discovered.

Omega v2.5.x and WIPC have been tested in-house with Windows 7 (32-bit) and no serious compatibility issues have been discovered.

Omega and WIPC are also known to be running successfully at Omega customers on WIndows 7 (32- and 64-bit for Omega, 32-bit only for WIPC) on client/server installations.

Note - WIPC is a 16-bit DOS applications and will therefore not run on 64-bit Windows 7.

The main area of concern with Windows 7 is Pervasive.SQL - see this page for more details.

The general opinion following reviews of Windows 7 is that it is what Vista should have been when it was released. In terms of Omega compatability, on paper things should be OK because Windows 7 has less issues with legacy applications than Vista. If necessary you have the option of running applications within a virtualized Windows XP environment in certain versions of Windows 7 - this has not been tested with respect to Omega.

Therefore hopefully the information published so far for Vista should still apply, with the XP virtualization as a fallback. As future compatibility news or issues are discovered they will be documented here. I would also be grateful for any feedback from Omega sites regarding their experience running the application with Windows 7.


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