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Page Updated: 25-4-17

Archiver Utility

The archiver utility (screenshots) is used to ‘move’ old WIP database records out of the Omega database and into an archive database.This helps to reduce database search and reporting times when the database has been in use for a long time and a large number of records has been added.

Records that have been archived are no longer available to Omega and therefore only works orders that are no longer in use should be archived. Reports that need to access both live and archived WIP tables will have to be modified to access the archive tables.

Database files/tables that are affected

Archiver documentation

FAQs & knowledge database articles

Known issues

The latest version of Omega that the archiver utility is thought to work with is 2.1.5. It is possible that it will work with later versions but further investigation would be required to find out whether later file/table conversions have broken compatability. Likewise it might work with earlier versions depending on table changes.

IMPORTANT: The Archiver utility is no longer officially supported and no further development is planned, because it no longer appears to be in use.


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