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Page Updated: 21-12-15

Operating System Compatibility

The document below contains the latest information on which operating systems are compatible with Omega and the other applications that are supplied with it.

Download OS_Compatability.pdf

If you are successfully running a combination that this document says is not possible, or has not been tested, please let me know so that the information can be updated.

In addition to this document, the following should be noted:

  • When running DOS application under WIndows NT and later it is recommended that you use the Pervasive.SQL installation's DOS box support rather than install the DOS requesters. The requesters will not work on 64-bit operating systems.
  • The front-end GUI used for launching the Omega modules (OMEGAWIN.EXE) has a number of minor issues under XP. Some early versions of the front-end will also not work correctly in Windows Vista and later due to Windows registry issues (see Omega known issues page).
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