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This is an application used to manage PCB (printed circuit board) production, from a customer's initial specification through design, costing, order, manufacture (works order), despatch and invoicing (screenshots).

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Known Issues

Omega was initially 32-bit extended-DOS application with the 32-bit Windows port being released around 2000. It is known to run on Windows 98 through to Windows 7. It uses the Btrieve/Pervasive.SQL database management system and is usually run in a peer-ro-peer configuration with one workstation managing the database, or more typically in a client-server configuration with the database server engine running on Windows Server (or historically Netware).

For information on which operating systems Omega can run on, see this page.

The last version of Omega for running under DOS is v1.15.

The last version of Omega for Windows for sites that did not maintain a support contract with Support4Omega is v2.3.5. The latest version for supported sites is v2.6. It is no longer possible for sites running older versions to upgrade.

For instructions on finding out what version you are running, see this page.

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