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Pervasive.SQL Database Management System

Omega was developed around the Pervasive.SQL (formally known as Btrieve) database management system (DBMS). This product is now called Actian PSQL following Actian's purchase of Pervasive. For the time being this website will continue to use the old product name because that is the name as it appears at all Omega sites.

Originally the only means of access to the database files/tables was through the low-level Btrieve API (via Omega, WIPC or Crystal Reports) but this navigational method has been supplemented by the commonly used relational method. ODBC drivers are included with Pervasive.SQL and used with the Omega database by report writers and utilities. Other database access technologies. e.g. .Net, are also supported by Pervasive in later versions of the DBMS but no known examples of using them to access the Omega database are available.

Pervasive.SQL is still being updated and supported, and it is backwards compatable with all database versions that Omega has been deployed with. Newer versions have improved performance and support for new hardware/software technologies such as multiple processor cores/multi-threading support and 64-bit platform support. These advantages, along with dropping of support by Pervasive for older versions and compatability issues between these older releases and newer hardware/OS releases, should be reviewed with each new update to the DBMS.

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