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Print Server

The print server application (screenshots) is one machanism for handling Crystal Reports documents for the Omega application. It can be installed on dedicated PCs to reduce the load on Omega clients or the database server. Reports are held in a queue and can be handled on demand, or scheduled.

In some respects the application is similar in functionality to a product like Seagate Info or Crystal Server/Enterprise since it handles a set of reports 'registered' by the Omega administrator, allowing the reports to be scheduled and their output format adjusted (without dramatically altering the report itself). Like SI/CS/CE you can dedicate specific PCs to handle the reporting load. The print server's overall capabilities are not as far-ranging as SI/CS/CE but it does not require such high system requirements (it can be installed and is supported on the Windows 98 platform) and is closely integrated with Omega - the latter can send print requests directly onto the print server queue from its F7 print window.

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Known Issues

The print engine uses Crystal Reports functionality through the legacy API provided by the CRPE32.DLL component. It is important to make sure when installing and upgrading your version of Crystal Reports that this component is present - because it is no longer the recommended mechanism for accessing reports, later versions of the report writer installer do not always install the DLL by default.

CRPE32.DLL, and the corresponding API, was dropped in Crystal Reports 10 and never successfully tested (or officially supported) with version 9. Only Crystal Reports 8.x is supported.

Crystal Reports 7 and 8 documents that currently run on the print server should be compatible with later versions of the Crystal reporting family, though some modifications may be necessary and, once saved in Crystal Reports 9 or later the document cannot be opened in earlier versions or used by the Omega print server due to a change in the file format.

With version 8.x no longer available or supported by Crystal's owners (currently SAP), with no guaranteed compatibility with recent versions of Windows, and with no straightforward replacement for the CRPE32.DLL component, the Omega print server is no longer being developed. If similar functionality to the print server is required, e.g. scheduling, then Crystal Server or Crystal Enterprise should be investigated although both are targeted at enterprises and priced accordingly.

The latest version of the print server is 2.5.

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