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This page will be used for covering report-writing, in particular the use of Crystal Reports with Omega and the print server.

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Known Issues

The following versions of Crystal Reports have been tested with the Omega database and subsequently deployed by sites: 6, 7, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x and 2008.

The following versions have been tested and deployed with the print server: 7 and 8.x. (versions 5 and 6 are not compatible, 9 did work at one point but I have had no success, and 10.x and newer either do not ship with a Crystal runtime (CRPE32.DLL) or it does not work).

With regard to the enterprise applications, Seagate Info 7 and Crystal Enterprise10 have been tested and deployed in combination with the Omega database.

Table Linking
One of the most common requests has been for information on how the Omega database tables are linked, so that people can understand how the reports are (or should be) constructed. Linking information can be found here.

Table-to-Filename Mapping
It is sometimes useful to know which physical Pervasive.SQL/Btrieve file corresponds to which table. To view the mapping, click .

Date Conversion
Omega uses its own internal format when it comes to representing dates (days/months/years). This can cause some issues when testing out reports, since you need to be able to convert between this internal format to the more usual representation. See this page for a few methods for converting between the two formats.

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