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This is an application used to track jobs on the shop floor (screenshots). WIPCMX is a version of WIPC without the built-in mouse support, to reduce the amount of conventional (DOS memory) required; WIPEDIT is a utility used to adjust configuration settings in WIPC/WIPCMX; WIPTEXT is a utility for amending the text strings in WIPC/WIPCMX.

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WIPC (and the other applications mentioned above) is a 16-bit DOS version, and unlike the DOS version of Omega has never made the transition to 32-bits using a DOS extender. This allows it to run, as originally planned, on low-end hardware - 286s with 1MB of RAM - that might exist on the shopfloor. Work has begun on porting the applications to 32-bit Windows but this is currently on-hold with no plans to re-start the work at present.

The use of the 16-bit DOS API has resulted in difficulties as Windows machines using Pervasive.SQL 7 or greater have been used to run the application. Pervasive.SQL implements a mechanism commonly known as “DOS box support” - calls to the old DOS requester get ‘intercepted’ intentionally by the Windows client layer. With Pervasive.SQL 7 the chances of WIPC running (and even more so Omega for DOS) could be hit-and-miss using this mechanism, so often it has had to be removed and the DOS requesters used.

Pervasive.SQL 2000 improved the compatability of this mechanism, particularly with WIPC. However, regardless of version, if you upgrade a machine from DOS to Windows or install a Windows machine for WIPC purposes and start seeing “status 20” or “stack overflow” errors it could be the “DOS box” support mechanism that is the culprit.

Running WIPC on DOS-only workstations against a Pervasive.SQL database server running on Windows Server 2003 or later is not recommended due to TCP/IP performance issues that cannot be worked-around.

These 16-bit applications cannot be run on 64-bit Windows operating systems unless some form of virtualisation is used.


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